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Portrait Commissions

  In an effort to keep costs under control, there will no longer be a Sitting Fee charged here … the alternative method now in effect is the traditional portrait commission.

  The present studio and location portrait fee structure is based on the minimum pre-purchase of one 16x20 basic print, or the equivalent amount of smaller sized prints, Film or Digital. Rates for prints from portrait commissions are listed at portrait print rates.

  Digital on-screen previews will be available immediately after the completion of the sitting, proof CDs are available at additional cost, see Proofing Fees for more details. Digital prints smaller than 8x10 are available only as 8x10 units. Gicleč digital prints in sizes from 8x10 units to 16x20 are available, as special order, from inStudio digital commissions the same day. We can have prints ready for pick-up in fifteen to forty-five minutes per print, based on print size and set-up time ...  cash or major credit card only for all special order projects!

  Basic FILM portrait services will include a minimum of sixteen posses from which to make your selection, in up to three outfits. All FILM images are done on 16 exposure rolls of Kodak™ 120 medium format professional film during a ninety minute session. Should more time or a greater number of poses be desired either is available as an additional fee option. Preview images from FILM projects are normally available for viewing here at the studio in five business days. Economy prints from FILM commissions are normally ready within seven business days.


IF you need faster turnaround on FILM print orders it will be quoted on a per situation basis, or:

48hr at 200% additional, 24hr 300% additional.


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