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A Re-thinking of 'TFP' ... perhaps?    

Collaboration Projects: 

     These projects consist of the photographer and the model working together to make some experimental self-promotional images. 

     I am willing to volunteer my time, film, processing and proofing to the project, in the hopes of getting a couple of outstanding images for my personal portfolio, the further development of this site and/or hard copy promotional pieces. IF we are able to create some portfolio worthy images during one of these projects they will be posted here on later versions of this site, and in fact, everywhere else that might generate interest.

     Have the information on the data sheet on hand, along with the wardrobe, including shoes and accessories for your concept(s) when we meet for the planning session so that I may be able to better coordinate film and lighting options to the intended image concept(s). Yeah, I said FILM ... as long as they still manufacture large and medium format film, I will continue testing sessions in 645, 67 and 4x5 formats.

     These projects are the closest thing to "TFP" that I honestly and realistically offer, and then, only with subjects who are interested in creating unique, tasteful images, with FLAVA
If you can't hang an image on a wall in public, it is of NO use to me for this project.

     There are NO guarantees connected with this offer, other than that the images will be of similar quality as those seen here and in my book, hopefully they'll be BETTER than either, but then that's the point of TESTING.  With a little planning and WORK we should be able to create some images that evoke a POSITIVE emotional response in the viewer.

This is potentially a great opportunity to get some editorial testing experience in front of the camera. 

The only cost to the model would be any portfolio quality enlargements for their personal collections ... there really ain't no "free lunch"!  

However, if you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, you will need to sell me on the concept(s) you have in mind! 

  My editorial, testing, and portrait rates are available for other projects.   

Here are a couple of suggestions as well:

   IF you are going to pursue the craft of modeling on a regular basis, get a cell phone and P.O. Box in addition to an email address!

     You will need to be able to be contacted by photographers and potential clients, but there are also going to be a LARGE number of other people sending 'booty-call' or other such messages, as well as the actual legitimate inquiries.

You will be safer if you do not use your physical address or land-line phone for promotional purposes if you wish to avoid the 'stalkers'.

... unless you already KNOW the people you are dealing with, use cell phone and P.O. Box contact info!


Also, btw ... Models on commercial photo projects are EMPLOYEES ... the CLIENT pays the entire posse to create a set of images.

Chain of command:

1. Client tells Art Director or Creative Director what construct(s) to demonstrate.

2. The Art Director or Creative Director selects a photographer, stylist(s) and model(s) to actualize the client's 'vision'.

3. The Art Director or Creative Director tells the photographer as much about the project as he/she chooses in an effort to negotiate a price.

4. IF the shooter has enough JUICE with the producer(s) of a given project, he/she might be able to specify/recommend members of the posse for a given project, this is situational though and not written in stone.

Okay ... the client tells the project manager, who tells the shooter, who tells the associate crew members what is needed in order to create the client's project.

Which places the 'Model' within a chain of command...not IN command,  an employee.

If you wanna be in charge, become an Art Director or Photographer rather than a 'Model'!

If you're NO FUN, or otherwise a pain to work with, you ain't gonna be workin' ... period!

Within the creative community unpleasant attitudes lead one to a chronic state of un-employment ... btw, NO DIVAS!

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